Kids - Teens/Tweens Traveling Mobile Onsite Massage Facials Mani-Pedi Spa parties Asheville All WNC Areas

Certified Pediatric Massage Girls & Boys - Young Ladies / Men

Kids-Teens/Tweens: Traveling Mobile Onsite 

Aromatherapy NSBK Mini Massages - Facials and Full Body Sports - DMT Massages 

10m $15
15m $25
20m $35
30m $50
40m $65

Pre Teen - Tweens 60m $85

Teens Deep Tissue Sports Massage or Salt Rock Hot Stone Massage: 60m $95

Mommie N' Me Package:  Mom or Dad Grand Parent & Child: Massages and Facial's

2-40m $130 and/or 2-40m Facials $130 = $260


Short & Sweet Mini Massage: 10min $15

Paraffin Hand Mani-ssage: 5min $10

Mini Hand Mani-ssages: 15min $25

Mini Feet Pedi-ssages: 15min $25 

Hand & Feet Reflexology Pedi-Mani-ssages: Soak Scrub Aroma Oils Hydrate Lotion Warm Linens - Gift Keep Sake Polish.

 Small-Larger Spa Party Groups 4-10 required

"Pretty N Pink" Pedi Party: 

Relaxing Pink Robes Pedi Pink Bowls Rose water soaks scrubs hydrating Rose Aroma Oils Lotions. Warm linens foot wraps Scrub-exfoliate Nails Cuticles Moisturizing Lower Legs & Feet Reflexology Mini Pedi-ssages - Brownies Cookies Treats Choc Strawberries 

Bath/Body Rose Pink Salts Gift Bags Keep Sake Pink Nail Polishes.  

Home Spa Recipe Booklet: "Natural aroma oils bath body spa products"

Ages Kids 5-12 $35-$50

Ages Teens 13-17 $65

Pink Rose Facial Party: 

Aroma Mini Pink Rose Petal Facials

Pinks-Roses Decorations, Spa music Organic Treats Cookies Choc. Strawberries Keep Sake Home Spa Recipe Booklet 

Bath/Body Rose Lavender Salts Gift Bags

Kids: Ages 5-12 $35-$50  

Teens: 13-17 $65

Little Pink Lady Mini Spa Day "Ages: 5-9" 

Mini NSBK Aroma Massages-Facials 

Foot Reflexology Pedi's and Hand Mani-ssages 

Keep Sake Pink Polishes $65 

We can provide Consultation - Coordinating & Themes Colors Decorations Tea Drinks & Organic treats event tables & tents equipment, choc. fountain, spa massage tables beautiful linens for you and your guests to enjoy. 

We provide full service, set-up / brake down & some clean-up.

Safety-When a guest/kid/child is left in our care we will require the parent/guardian picking up the child to show identification if the person picking up the child is not the one who dropped the child off. 

Parent Guardian Host Young Kids under age 4-18 by state law.

Sanitation and safety. Fun & Safety go hand-in-hand, therefore...
Running and jumping are prohibited while setting up event.
Instructions from the spa technician must be followed at all times.
Spa equipment is always sanitized -disposable tools used.
Organic cleanser and moisturizer will be used
While Set up and back down times... Please have kids leave area for safety 

Medical Information Your comfort health well-being is our first concern. Prior to receiving any services, please inform us about any special medical conditions - hypertension, allergies, or prescription medications you are taking which may be contra-indicate for certain services. We ensure healthful environments for all of our guests by maintaining a no-smoking policy inside and outside

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